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About CBD

Discover the benefits of

CBD in your everyday life.

It Starts From The Source

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally-occurring compound called phytocannabinoids, which is found in the flowers of the hemp plant. CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory compound found in nature and is an effective option for everyday relief.

The Farmers

We only source from farmers in the USA – hard-working people whose beliefs align with our own. They use native soils and organic principles, so they can grow the best plants, and we can give you the best products.

Hemp farm by a small gravel road, with plants arranged in a grid

The Farm

Fun fact: our hemp farmer in Medford, Oregon has over 100,000 plants! To keep everyone happy and healthy, they operate using only regenerative organic farming practices because like us, they believe in giving people the highest-quality product possible.

Woman holding cannabis plant

The Soil

Clean soil equals clean plants. Since hemp bioaccumulates – aka anything put in the soil goes in the plant – we make sure all of the soil used in our growing process is as pure as possible, so our healthy, cannabinoid-rich plants can cultivate powerful products.

The Flowers

Our flowers are a cut above the rest. We harvest our high-quality, non-GMO flowers where cannabinoids are most prevalent.

See our lineup of all-natural CBD-infused products

See our lineup of all-natural CBD-infused products

Cannabis 101

Download our guide to learning everything you need to

know about this miraculous plant.